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AC Problem During the Wedding, No Problem!

In the hot summer in Houston, Texas there isn't anything worst than having the venue AC break during your wedding reception! This is what happened to this lovely bride during the reception time at Hughes manor.

It was the end of dinner time and we lost power due to an issue with Reliant Energy, I immediately plugged in all my DJ equipment to a different source that seemed to still be operating. I have been offering DJ services in Houston since 2009 so I have learned a lot on the job on how to respond quickly and efficiently during wedding receptions and/or parties. The AC stopped working so it got very hot very quickly, after talking with the venue staff we made the decision to have everyone go outside and inform them of the issue via the microphone. It was cooler outside than being trapped with 150 guests in a room. I set up a sound system outside and I came out on the dance floor with my microphone, which, was the lawn area. It was a hit! We had people dancing and having a great time with this beautiful Bride. Overcoming problems is what makes the difference between a successful event or a total bust. We love music and being a professional DJs in the Houston area is truly an honor and our passion. Grandma approves!

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Photo credit : Agape Photography

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